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A Powerful and FREE Solution for Universities

Improve student satisfaction, boost student outcomes and make counseling sessions more effective by using Carmen’s free AI tools.


Boost Student Outcomes

Improve employability by following best practices that lead to more internship and job offers

Enhance career readiness by leveraging powerful data to assess skills and education needed to pursue a career path


Carmen delivers strong ROI to your Career Services

    Modernize counseling sessions by using AI technology and data

    Present clear instructions and run real-time exercises to educate students on best practices

    Save 15-30 minutes per student counseling session

    Increase student satisfaction by offering leading edge AI technology to run exercises


Innovation for today’s leading universities

Carmen’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology leverages natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to instantly match a candidate’s resume, skills and experience with jobs and internships from over 300,000 employers.

Carmen’s data includes close to 200,000 skills that are constantly updated based on thousands of active new jobs posted by employers each day.

Innovation for today’s careers.

Trusted by leading universities

Carmen is the trusted technology partner for leading universities. Partner with us today.

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