What is a curriculum vitae or CV?

A curriculum vitae, more commonly referred to as a CV, is a full statement of your professional experience and accomplishments. Usually longer and more detailed than a resume, a CV is often used to pursue academic and research positions in North America. In many European countries, a European-style CV is submitted instead of a resume when applying for non-academic positions as well.

A North American academic CV will include details such as your academic awards, fellowships or grants, information regarding your dissertations or thesis, a list of publications or presentations you have made, and your teaching or research experience.

In comparison, a European CV resembles an extended resume. In addition to detailing your work experience and college degree, the European CV may include your high school performance, language skills, or similar certifications. The document may also include personal information such as your age or marital status. Standards for what is expected in a CV vary among different European nations.