What’s A Professional Profile?

A professional profile is a brief summary of your skills, knowledge, strengths, and key experiences. Although rare, some professional profiles may also include education and professional certifications. The professional profile should convey what you have to offer in a professional capacity and be written towards what you are seeking.

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Professional Profile Updated?

The professional profile is important because it shows up frequently in internet searches when employers search for your name, especially if you have one published on a professional networking site or job board. Think of your professional profile as your elevator pitch that serves as a starting-point to networking.

Try using Carmen to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Here's some useful advice: Instead of a resume, try uploading your professional profile from a site like LinkedIn. Copy and paste your text into to a Microsoft Word document and upload that as a resume. You can use Carmen's Skills Benchmarking tool to optimize your LinkedIn profile!