Very few people can say that their first job was their only job. For most of us, our careers will progress in a series of steps. With each new job or role, we gain new skills, add to our experience and explore our likes and dislikes. Ideally, each step in this process should move us closer to a career that is both personally and financially rewarding.

But as you move from one job to the next, how do you know when you have the necessary qualifications to advance? And, how do you make sure that you are headed in the right direction?

That’s where Carmen’s Skills Benchmark tool can help. Our Skills Benchmark, which can be found at, allows you to see how your current resume stacks up when compared to the skills requirements for your ideal job and to identify your skills gaps. Then, you can begin targeting roles that will provide you with the training and experience you need to keep your career on track.

How does Carmen’s skills gap analysis help you?

If you’ve conducted a job search recently, you’ve probably noticed that there can be a lot of variation among job descriptions for similar roles. Some descriptions lack key details while others include employer-specific jargon that can make identifying necessary skills a challenge.

These inconsistencies among descriptions of jobs with similar titles can make it time-consuming and frustrating for job seekers to identify the exact skills they need to acquire to continue moving toward their dream job.

But with a little help from Carmen’s AI, you can quickly access data from hundreds of thousands of job descriptions to find out exactly what employers are looking for when they hire for a specific job title.

Carmen pulls together information from multiple sources, then compiles, categorizes, and prioritizes it to determine which skills are in demand for a particular role. Our system then produces a report that shows you exactly which skills and qualifications matter to employers and how your resume compares to these benchmarks.

Benchmark: (n.) A standard or point of reference against which things can be compared. (v.) To evaluate something by comparison with a standard. (Source: English Oxford Living Dictionaries)
Carmen Skills Benchmark analysis tool for specific job title.

How to use Carmen’s Skills Benchmark tool

To create your ideal job profile using Carmen’s Skills Benchmark tool, follow these steps:

Upload a recent version of your resume. Resume reviews at Carmen are always free, so upload as many versions of your resume as you want.
Select the resume that you want to evaluate. Choose the version of your resume that you believe highlights the most relevant skills for the job title that you wish to benchmark.

Step 1. Select the Skills Benchmark tab and enter a job title.

To find your desired job title, begin by typing your selection in the “Job Title” field. You may only select titles from this pre-set list. If your desired title does not appear, try a related title. For example, if you are unable to locate the title “UI/UX,” try entering “product designer” or “graphic designer” instead. You must select a valid job title to complete this step.

View the results. After you’ve entered the required information, you’ll next see a one-page report highlighting the most requested hard skills for your selected job title. This page will also display up to thirty additional hard skills related to the role. You’ll also find a list of the most common educational or certification requirements and a list of up to ten soft skills that are related to your selected job title.

Review this video tutorial in our learning center if you need additional guidance.

Step 2. Evaluate your resume.

To discover how your resume compares to the benchmarks for your ideal job, select the “Update Resume Now” button. On this evaluation page, you’ll receive a resume performance score and see highlighted text indicating where your resume is an exact or partial match for the benchmark criteria.

You can also begin to make adjustments by editing your resume or uploading a revised version of it. Don’t forget to save or download your revised resume after you make your changes.

Step 3. Plan your next steps.

Carmen’s Skills Benchmark tool can help you to not only identify the jobs that you qualify for now but also which skills you need to gain the role you want in the future. Use this information to create a list of both hard and soft skills that you want to develop and to craft a plan for obtaining any necessary certifications. As you begin to acquire new skills, be sure to update your resume and track your progress. Periodically re-evaluate your resume using Carmen’s Skills Benchmark tool to ensure that you stay up-to-date on changes in the requirements for your dream job too.

Keep your career on track with Carmen

Today’s job market requires a lot from candidates. Keeping up with new job requirements and crafting a targeted resume for each role can be a real challenge. Carmen is here to help. Let us keep you up to date about what each job requires so you can concentrate on gaining the skills and qualifications you need to make your next move. To see how you’re doing so far, visit Carmen’s Skills Benchmark analysis tool on and create your ideal job profile today!