The Idea Behind Skills Benchmark Analysis

Carmen’s Skills Benchmark tool pulls the top 10 commonly requested hard skills and soft skills for any job title, in any industry, that is drawn from a real-time analysis of millions of recently active jobs.

Carmen also draws upon the most commonly required education level and majors for a particular job and lists them. These skills will change over time for each job title to echo real world demand for skills, to help job candidates improve their employment readiness.

Car‧men (CAR‧eer MEN‧tor) understands the value of data in supporting job candidates to make sound career decisions. Our Skills Benchmark tool is often utilized by all, from students to working professionals, for career planning and skills development. By being able to view the most common skills requirement for a particular job role, job candidates can improve their career readiness and develop key skills required by today’s employers.

What can you do with the results of a Skills Benchmark tool?

The results obtained from the skills benchmarking application are compared with an existing resume or professional profile. Carmen uses the skills required by an ideal job profile and scores them against an existing resume or professional profile that is uploaded by the candidate. Users can then optimize the content to make it better matched to their aspirational job or work towards obtaining the experience and education required for that job.

View a video tutorial of Carmen’s Skills Benchmark analysis here.