Carmen's resume score provides context to job candidates whose objective is to optimize their resume to the key requirements of a particular job.

Job candidates should aim for directional improvement of their resume score by expressing the skills that are relevant for the particular job that they are applying to in their resumes.

The Carmen Resume Score Consists Of 3 Components

Component 1. Hard skills

Specific, teachable abilities such as reading, algebra, drawing, marketing and designing.

Component 2. Soft skills

Less tangible, qualitative skills such as creativity, attention to detail, time management and competitiveness.

Component 3. Education and experience.

Level of education such as bachelors, masters or Ph.D. and years of experience at work after degree is obtained.


Insight 1.

Less than 5% of job applications turn into interviews. A lot of the upfront screening of resumes is done by machines (applicant tracking systems or ATS).

Insight 2.

Aim for directional improvement of your Resume Score each time you apply to a job.

Insight 3.

Employers' interest in soft skills is on the rise and is a growing component of hiring decisions. Carmen allots up to 10 points of our Resume Score to soft skills.

Insight 4.

Carmen leverages a growing dataset of 12,000+ skills to provide you with the most advanced, free resume customization tool.

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