Of all the tasks you need to perform before starting your next job search, creating your resume may be the most challenging. And it’s not just choosing what information to include in your resume that makes this task challenging. Once you’ve decided what information you want to include, you’ll need to draw on all your editing skills to fit each detail into this important package.

As you look from your list of past jobs, carefully quantified achievements, education, and other credentials, to the blank screen in front of you, you might wonder: Is there any way to make this task easier?

Good news! There is. You can start with a resume template. And, there are plenty of good templates available online for free.

Ready to get started on your next resume? Check out our list of 10 places to find free resume templates, below.

10 websites offering resume templates you can use for free

1. Microsoft Office Templates.

The Microsoft Office template website has an incredible selection of resume and cover letter templates from which to choose. Some of the templates include design elements such as graphics, monograms, and placeholders for you to add images. However, don’t let all these exciting options distract you from your goal, which is to highlight your qualifications for the job. Choose a template that will help you produce an easy-to-scan and easy-on-the-eyes resume.

2. Cultivated Culture.

Austin Belcak is one of our favorite career coaches. You’ll find several resume templates that are customizable on Austin's site. These resumes are suitable for anyone and provide step-by-step guidance on the type of information you might enter. Each resume template is available for a free download when you're done.  Plus, you’ll find some insightful career tips from Austin about acing that next job interview.

3. University of Texas Career Services.  

The College of Liberal Arts at UT has examples of completed resumes downloadable in PDF or Word based on a variety of industries such as non-profit, law, government, public and business. You’ll find professionally prepared resumes representing job seekers with varying levels of experience across different employment categories.

4. Harvard University Office of Career Services.

Like many universities, Harvard’s Office of Career Services serves as a valuable resource for job seekers. On the career services website, you’ll find a resume and cover letter guide, a resume writing tutorial, and downloadable templates for several different types of resumes. In particular, you’ll find templates for both bulleted and paragraph style resumes on this site.

5. New York State Department of Labor.

Many state and local governments provide resume guidance and resources to help job seekers. On New York’s DOL career services pages, you’ll find downloadable samples and templates for preparing a chronological, combination, or functional resume. The templates are formatted for Microsoft Word and include helpful instructions for completing each section of your resume.

6. Tutsforweb.

Hamza Ali, a web developer has put together a comprehensive collection of free, downloadable resume templates. Hamza calls it the "ultimate collection of free professional resume templates." You can find pretty much any resume design. Best of all, you can scroll through dozens of templates efficiently before you download one.

7. HLoom.

Featuring an extensive selection, this website has something for everyone.  While some of the graphics-heavy templates may not be suitable for job searchers who are submitting their resumes online, you’ll find downloadable templates for two-page, chronological, and functional resumes on the site.

8. College Essay Guy.

On this website, you’ll find several templates suitable for recent high school grads and college students. These resumes are suitable for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of work experience and include examples of the type of information you might enter in each section. Each resume template is available in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format. Plus, you’ll find detailed tips for how to complete each section on the site.

9. UC Berkeley Career Services.

The Career Services at Cal have amassed a sample of resume templates that can be viewed as well as downloaded. Furthermore, they have put their collection on Issuu so that you can view and run through each type comprehensively.

10. College Grad.

This site offers over 100 templates and examples of resumes for more than 30 different career fields. The files can be downloaded in your choice of three formats. You’ll also find resume writing articles, videos, and other resources on the site.

Cultivatedculture.com is one of our favorite sites with a free resume builder.

Build your resume and get ready to land your next job

Whether you are a recent grad or an old pro, using a resume template can help you jumpstart the creative process and take you from a blank screen to an attractive, well-formatted resume in no time. After you’ve developed a base resume, use it as your personal resume template, tailoring the content for each job to which you apply.

Before you submit your new resume, use Carmen’s free resume customization or resume tailoring tool to make sure that it’s relevant for the job you’re applying to. Put your best foot forward to sell yourself to that employer! You can find these tools and more on http://carmen.co.