About Carmen

Unemployment is at a multi-decade low but underemployment remains a significant problem. Did you know that an overall 1 out of 3 college graduates feel that their skills and academic degrees are not being fully put to use at their current jobs? Furthermore, the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that 4 out of 10 recent college graduates in the 22-27 age group find themselves in this category.

Carmen was founded by a team of entrepreneurs in the SF Bay area to help solve this massive problem by providing job candidates with technology that helps them become more successful at finding jobs that align with their experience and career goals. We believe that career marketplaces (aka job boards) should offer a greater level of personalization -- like a personal career mentor or coach would.

Carmen (CAReer MENtor) offers a next-generation career marketplace that’s on a mission to help qualified candidates connect with better-matched career opportunities that align with their goals, and help employers locate the best qualified talent. We are personalizing the career planning and job search experience one person at a time. Our free candidate tools such as resume customization and skills benchmark analysis help candidates to increase employability and career-readiness.

Together, we're working hard to help employees become more successful at achieving their career goals.